Monday, July 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013

I'm back.... It's May... The  Sun is shining... The birds are chirping...
Thank you to those of you who have visited the Space Coast Crafter's Co-Op Store in Cocoa Village, Florida.  Isn't it just a wonderfully quaint little village?  Just a nice place to hang out for a day or even just an afternoon.  So many unique little shops and restaurants to visit.  I feel very privileged to be a part of the co-op.  They are a wonderful group of people and great craftsman, also.  Anyway.  I've been making some new crafts that are not necessarily paper - remember I said I really was not a paper crafter, per se. well, I got them to allow me to enter some of my fiber work.  For now, I'm only doing Plastic Canvas, but I think I'll branch out to other things, eventually... So, here's some of my new designs :

The above will be Mirror Decor to hang off your Rear View Car Mirrors... Is that illegal in some (most) states... shh-shh... I won't tell if you don't. wink, wink ;-) 

And here are some  Drink Coasters I've been making... and they've been selling, also:

I've got a few other things in the works, also... just gotta get them out of my head or off the drawing board, as they used to say.  I'll be back in a week or so.  I'm getting into a new routine.  Things are changing, finally :-)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wow! About me? 

 Here I am in the midst of my 50 something years and finally deciding what I am is, really:

 a   Jack-of-All-Trades and Master-of-None

Can this really be?  With all of the technical knowledge I have accumulated throughout my lifetime, I have mastered nothing?
Well, I can tell you I am a Master Craftsman.
I can perform magic with a needle and thread.  I have an eye for color like no one else I’ve ever met.
I am extremely mechanically inclined.  I can take any broken object apart, be it mechanical, electrical or electronic, find the broken piece of the puzzle and put it back together to make it work properly.
I cannot say this all comes completely naturally; I do have some schooling behind me.  I did go to a Tech school after High School, although, I did not get my certification from there.  I went through many years of ‘hard knocks’.  I took courses in many different places along with a multitude of employers, mostly ‘Job Shopping’ opportunities, where I was not obligated to stay in one place for any prolonged length of time.  (I got bored very easily in my youth.)  I eventually settled down and got married, well got married, but at the same time acquired a great position where I was travelling all over the world – Loved that job – should have left the husband and kept the job, but that’s water under the bridge, too late now.  Anyway, Got my AAS in CIS – Programming and finally acquired my AAS – EET Telecommunications degree and also got my BS, would have loved to have had the double major of CS/Math but had to settle for Liberal Studies and a Divorce instead, someday soon I’ll get it finished up.
Anyway, in a nutshell, that pretty much brings me here to today, where I am currently unemployed and basically voluntarily helping people through the Internet how to manage Provo Craft Cricut machines and attempting to show off some of my craftiness, sometimes.  I don’t know? Can you tell I have a shy side to me? Yeah, at this age, you’d a thought I’d gotten over it by now….. Maybe, someday.

So,over the next few days, I’ll be posting a few new items that I’ve have created in my past and maybe I’ll get around to telling about what I’ve done for a living, a bit.  I kind of have a hard time talking about myself, and then when I get started, you can’t shut me up…. I think that’s why I’m afraid to start – I don’t want to bore you with the details, some times I have this horrid rambling tendency… okay, going to stop here, for now… be back later, Love Ya :-)