Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wow! About me? 

 Here I am in the midst of my 50 something years and finally deciding what I am is, really:

 a   Jack-of-All-Trades and Master-of-None

Can this really be?  With all of the technical knowledge I have accumulated throughout my lifetime, I have mastered nothing?
Well, I can tell you I am a Master Craftsman.
I can perform magic with a needle and thread.  I have an eye for color like no one else I’ve ever met.
I am extremely mechanically inclined.  I can take any broken object apart, be it mechanical, electrical or electronic, find the broken piece of the puzzle and put it back together to make it work properly.
I cannot say this all comes completely naturally; I do have some schooling behind me.  I did go to a Tech school after High School, although, I did not get my certification from there.  I went through many years of ‘hard knocks’.  I took courses in many different places along with a multitude of employers, mostly ‘Job Shopping’ opportunities, where I was not obligated to stay in one place for any prolonged length of time.  (I got bored very easily in my youth.)  I eventually settled down and got married, well got married, but at the same time acquired a great position where I was travelling all over the world – Loved that job – should have left the husband and kept the job, but that’s water under the bridge, too late now.  Anyway, Got my AAS in CIS – Programming and finally acquired my AAS – EET Telecommunications degree and also got my BS, would have loved to have had the double major of CS/Math but had to settle for Liberal Studies and a Divorce instead, someday soon I’ll get it finished up.
Anyway, in a nutshell, that pretty much brings me here to today, where I am currently unemployed and basically voluntarily helping people through the Internet how to manage Provo Craft Cricut machines and attempting to show off some of my craftiness, sometimes.  I don’t know? Can you tell I have a shy side to me? Yeah, at this age, you’d a thought I’d gotten over it by now….. Maybe, someday.

So,over the next few days, I’ll be posting a few new items that I’ve have created in my past and maybe I’ll get around to telling about what I’ve done for a living, a bit.  I kind of have a hard time talking about myself, and then when I get started, you can’t shut me up…. I think that’s why I’m afraid to start – I don’t want to bore you with the details, some times I have this horrid rambling tendency… okay, going to stop here, for now… be back later, Love Ya :-)

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